As well as new ships, squadrons and upgrades, Shipyards Set 1 includes the following six objective cards:

Objective Card - Assault - Limited Warfare  Objective Card - Defense - Flanking Maneuver  Objective Card - Navigation - Battle Line

Objective Card - Assault - Wounded Prey  Objective Card - Defense - Stand-off Engagement  Objective Card - Navigation - Nebula Encounter

Limited Warfare represents a timid skirmish at the outbreak of the civil war, and subverts the first-strike doctrine: each ship starts with a token and, when a ship attacks another, the defender collects both ship’s tokens (worth 15 VP each). Of course, once a ship has attacked or been attacked, it’s a fair target for the remainder of the game. Also, the second player may remove a ship’s token at the end of each round. This objective favours fleets with few ships and many squadrons over swarms of smaller craft.

Wounded Prey is strongly asymmetric, in that only the first player has an objective ship. As with Most Wanted and Advanced Gunnery, its value is doubled if destroyed. If it survives six rounds, however, its owner scores 75 points. The catch? The ship starts with 3 damage cards, and one of its damage cards (even if dealt subsequently) gets flipped faceup each round.

Flanking Maneuver is a reverse form of Fleet Ambush: the second player may deploy up to half of his ships along the short edges of the play area, instead of in his deployment zone.

Stand-off Engagement is purely squadron-centric: all squadrons gain Rogue, but are worth double points when destroyed. The second player’s squadrons may be deployed deep in the play area, all but assuring he will achieve a first strike.

Nebula Encounter simulates poor visibility and disrupted sensors: attacks at medium-long range are obstructed, and bonus points are awarded for destroying ships at close range. The second player’s advantage is to adjust the position of all obstacles before fleet deployment, which can help him funnel his opponent into a kill zone – or protect his own flanks.

Battle Line increases lethality on both sides: The second player places six tokens in the play area; ships near those tokens gain rerolls while attacking. The second player can reroll one die for each nearby token; the first player is limited to one die even if there are multiple tokens in range.


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