6 thoughts on “Borsk Fey’lya

  1. Hello, it just occurred to me to ask this question: when you say ‘discard that command dial’, do you mean permanently from the game? For example, if I used this card against an imperial raider, could I strip it of its command dial, thereby preventing it from ever obtaining a repair command?


    1. No, discarded dials are still re-used. Page 3, second bullet point: “When a command dial is spent or discarded, it is placed faceup on the ship’s ship card and remains there until it is assigned as a new command during the next Command Phase.”

      Compare, for example, with Support Officer, which lets you discard your entire command stack.


  2. Ah, thank you. I had associated it with the discarding of defense tokens, and let the wonderful strategic usefulness of such an ability cloud my judgement.


  3. Upon further reflection, this does not prevent the enemy ship from activating, it merely prevents it from getting the top dial, thereby disrupting any careful planning or Thrawn action, yes?


    1. It does not prevent them from activating, but they don’t get to resolve any dial at all this round. That’s what the “instead” does; if it weren’t there the ship would simply discard the top dial but would still get to resolve the second one (if any).


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