2 thoughts on “Recusant-class Light Destroyer

  1. Why the black dice? 🙂 We know black dice are standing for missiles/torpedoes in most cases, but the recusant class doesn’t have any. Its really cool that you used the titles (Patriot Fist, Tide of Progress XII) from the Incredible Cross-Sections Books! I always thought the Munificent Frigate would be stronger than the Recusant-Class Light Destroyer… and may i ask you why this ship has got not a single redirect token? 🙂 Great work as usual, i like it, even though i would have made some things different. Still, your design fits the ship well. Looking forward to the Invisible Hand!

    PS: You could use the title lucid voice (also from the incredible cross sections) for the providence titles, its a “official” one and i think it fits the CIS very well. Its the sistership of the invisible hand.


  2. Hi Chris. While black dice are most commonly associated with ordnance, it’s not a 1-to-1 relationship (as demonstrated, for example, by the Imperial-I Star Destroyer). The Recusant is supposedly equipped with dozens of light laser cannons capable of concentrating their fire to create a dense curtain at short range – which would be best represented by black dice. The Commerce Raider variant represents the targeting systems being set for slower, more accurate fire at longer ranges, ideal for chasing down faster transports. Regarding the defense tokens, I thought the Nebulon-B’s arrangement was appropriate given the similar structure. It also makes the ship more interesting, I think, as you have to be quite careful about placement.

    For the Providence, I was planning to make the Invisible Hand and the Invincible (even if that one is supposed to be one of the silly upscaled versions), but I think I’ll replace the latter with the Lucid Voice. Or maybe I’ll do all three 🙂


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