14 thoughts on “Munificent-class Frigate

  1. Yay! The Command 2 is a good idea, because the munificent-class used integrated droid brains to reduce the amount of otherwise necessary droid crews. Nice, i would like to see this on the recusant class too, as they are kind of similar. From the fragil hull to the upgrades and low squadron value, everythings designed very true to the ships character! Great Work!!
    Bye the way, i thought a bit about the size classification of the venator, recusant and providence classes and i think they should be large. (Everything with 1000+ meters lenght should probably be). The only problem could be the lucrehulc-class being twice the size of an imperial-class and with an immense amount of starfighters, hull, shields and weapons this ship could probably be hard to integrate into the game. I think a new cuboid plattform would be needed, but maybe this could be done by mel miniatures? 🙂

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  2. Awesome, CIS ships!!!!!!!!! I find the timing of these showing up absolutely perfect since I ordered a Set of Munificent from Mel just yesterday.

    My opinion on the size of the ships such as the Venator and Providence is that they should be mediums due to the general power level that they would be on would be essentially equivalent to a Victory in both armament and relative size with about 300 M separating the three.
    Though I do see the point due to the fact that the MC 80 is only 1200 Meters long which puts it essentially the size of both the Venator and Providence, especially when you got the ISD rocking around at 1800M long. Which generally leaves very little wiggle room to make a decent distinction between medium and Large.


  3. The current plan is for the Munificent, Recusant, Providence, Core Ships and Supply Ships to all be Medium-sized, same as the Venator. Complete Lucrehulks will of course be Large. The only Small ship I can think of for the CIS is the C-9979 Landing Craft, though its width may make the model somewhat cumbersome.

    Anyway, don’t worry about scale – I’ve got it covered 😉

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  4. The core 3 small ships I can think of for CIS that are the most official are, C-9979 landing craft, Diamond-class cruiser, and Hardcell-class interstellar transport. Though none of them are particularly that interesting nor very well armed. Though there are a few interesting but Iffy and vague ships such as the Sabaoth Frigate, Sabaoth destroyer, and the Geonosian pinnace(known as the Separatist cruiser on wookieepedia). all could be in the small ship range.

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    1. Thanks, I was not aware of the Geonosian pinnace. Further down the line I may add the Diamond and/or the Hardcell, but like you said they’re just not very interesting as combat craft. Neither is the C-9979, of course, but at least it’s iconic – and it’s good to have one transport in the fleet. The Sabaoth stuff… is best buried deep and never brought up again 🙂


  5. Yeah deep obscurity and random one off ships plagues the CIS a lot and unfortunately they never bothered to clear it up when they were doing the Clone Wars cartoons. The Geonosian pinnace is easily one of the best examples of the obscurity in CIS with it only showing up once as a model in an old video game. Which is a shame because it is a very nice design and it really did deserve to be more flushed out as a ship. It is the same with the Sabaoth destroyer. Though that is something you just really have to accept with the clone wars and especially the CIS. The general dislike of the clone wars generally left a lot of things un-flushed out.

    I have been following Clone Wars video game mods for over a decade and they have pretty much always had to take liberties and fill out the glaring holes in the CIS line up. Though I really would like too see at least some of those ships in armada since they did have a good design.


    1. I understand completely. I’m not opposed to making cards for the obscure ships out of any dislike for the Clone Wars, or other philosophical objections. The biggest obstacle, as far as I’m concerned, is the lack of print-quality artwork that I can use for the ship and title cards. Also, Mel and Utar are very unlikely to make models for these, so there wouldn’t be much use for said cards anyway.

      Having said that, I have to agree with you that the Geonosian pinnace looks rather sexy! 🙂


  6. Zenzi, I’m Giled, one of the Armada players working with Mario to complete these custom cards. I’m told you or someone you know extracted the pinnace game model in such a form it could be used in a 3D printer. Could you either put me in touch with the mod developers so I can acquire a couple of their models or acquire the Recusant and/or Lucrehulk models in a format so that I can create 3D versions for experiments in dreadnought-grade ships for Armada? I greatly appreciate it, thanks.


  7. The Light Carrier Class variant’s base card isn’t working for me. Is this still available? I just ordered one of these ships from Mel and would love to have both bases available! 🙂


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