2 thoughts on “Grand Admiral Thrawn

  1. Make this a once per game ability and it will be spectacular. As it is I would refuse to play against any player fielding this. Even for narrative reasons. The option to make this an offensive or defensive superpower makes it incredible, you shouldn’t need to use it more than once.


    1. Thanks for your feedback!

      It’s disruptive, but I would hardly call it a superpower. The defensive side already exists as a once-per-game ability… it costs 4 points (Support Officer, which lets you fully reset the command stack, and is not limited to rearranging it). Shortening your command stack by 1 for the entire game costs 3 points (Relentless). The offensive side is more powerful, of course, but only really works on command-3 ships, and for the most part only in the first couple of turns, as in the mid-late game commands are more reactive so you don’t want to bring them *forward* – which is the only thing the ability really lets you do. It does have the potential to ruin a carrier’s day, as Squadron commands are by far the most time-sensitive, but it’s not like you have no options to deal with it (spam squadron/repair, or field tamperproof upgrades like either of the two Liaisons, Wing Commander, Support Officer, Leia…).

      Nevertheless, the best way to be sure whether it’s broken, or undercosted, or even overcosted, is to playtest it. So I encourage you to try it out! And let me know how that went. Maybe you’ll change your mind, or maybe I’ll change mine 🙂


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