XQ-series Platform

XQ4 Platform Rebel CardXQ5 Platform Rebel Card
XQ-series platforms were made of a single, large central hub module with three large docking bays protruding from the center. While some were used for military purposes, there were many others that were converted to carry out different missions. Typically, each station carried six laser cannons and six turbolaser batteries to defend itself, but this varied between models and could be adapted according to the intended mission. The station’s main defensive capabilities stemmed from the starfighter squadrons that could be carried in its hangars.

Although the XQ platforms have a nominal speed rating of 1, the title upgrade cards forbid them from performing any maneuvers. These non-unique titles also enable the platforms to be strategically located for maximum effect: the Deep Space Outpost card allows the station to be deployed anywhere in the play area, provided a minimum distance is kept from all obstacles. The Mining Platform card allows placement overlapping any asteroid field obstacle. The Shadow Station allows placement anywhere in the vicinity of the station obstacle. To enforce the use of a title upgrade card, the cost of the XQ platform has been increased by 400 points, with each title providing a -400 point discount.

XQ4 Platform Rebel Base XQ5 Platform Rebel BaseThe choice of mission objective is crucial when playing with stations. As a first player, be sure to avoid picking the Most Wanted or Advanced Gunnery objectives, which double a destroyed ship’s value ignoring upgrades. Minefields is also dangerous, as it hands your opponent substantial control over your deployment point. On the other hand, objectives like Intel Sweep or Dangerous Territory allow you to position the structure in the areas most likely to see heavy action.

Mel’s station models are mounted on large-sized ship bases for FFG’s X-Wing miniature game, which represent the platform’s dimensions better than any Armada ship base. Since the structure is stationary, the usual notches for engaging the maneuver tool are not required.

XQ Title - Deep Space Outpost XQ Title - Mining Platform XQ Title - Shadow Station

Model available from Mel Miniatures:


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