Consular-class Light Assault Cruiser

Consular Transport CardConsular Light Cruiser CardConsular Charger C70 CardThe Consular-class cruiser, often referred to as Republic Cruiser, was a Corellian Engineering Corporation starship used by the Galactic Republic to transport Jedi and diplomats to troubled spots across the galaxy. Aside from the standard unarmed transport, two major combat variants were produced: the Charger c70 Retrofit (commonly known as Republic Frigate) and a series of modified designs jointly designated as Light Assault Cruiser. Both types saw active service during the Clone Wars, with most surviving examples being pressed into the Rebel Alliance fleet decades later.

Consular Charger c70 BaseConsular Republic BaseConsular Transport BaseAlthough smaller and less durable than the later CR90 Corvettes, the armed versions or this light cruiser are just as fast and pack a similar punch, with the c70 Retrofit having the longer reach of the two versions. They can be equipped with a Weapons Team to further increase their offensive capabilities, and the Contain defense token ensures they will not be easily crippled by a lucky critical hit. In practice, while these make for cost-effective scouts, they excel as counter-flanking units. The transport version, on the other hand, can serve as a fast support ship through judicious use of Cargo upgrade cards.

Model available from Utar Ships:

From Steve MacLaughlan’s blog:

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