ATR-6 Assault Transport

ATR-6 Assault Transport CardThe Gamma-class ATR-6 assault transport was a heavily armed and shielded vessel produced by KonGar Ship Works for transporting stormtroopers and conducting boarding actions against starships and space stations.

Like the preceding Delta-class DX-9 transport, the ATR-6 had two general purpose warhead launchers, and a pair of forward-firing ion cannons. Both were designed to ferry troops into the combat zone to capture enemy craft. Unlike the Delta-class DX-9 transport, the ATR-6 had no frontal laser cannons. However, it more than made up for it with its four turrets, on the top, bottom, and both sides, which covered all arcs. This enabled the ATR-6 to fend off all but the most concentrated starfighter attacks on its own.

The Board keyword enables the ATR-6 to disrupt enemy ships by removing their command tokens. If the target has no command tokens, however, it becomes possible to capture it by giving it boarding tokens instead. When a ship has accumulated boarding tokens equal to its command value, it is immediately destroyed. This makes it possible, in theory, to destroy an unshielded Victory-class or even an Imperial-class Star Destroyer with a mere three attacks. However, the craft’s slow speed makes avoiding escorts and concentrating on a target a difficult proposition. In addition, a lone shield point or command token are sufficient to avoid being boarded.

Model available from Utar Ships and Mel Miniatures:

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