Victory-class Star Destroyer

Victory Republic CardThough better known for its role in the rise of the Empire and the ensuing rebellion, the Victory-class Star Destroyer was originally developed by the Republic to fight the Clone Wars. A fleet, codenamed Victory Fleet, was commissioned to hunt down and destroy rogue Techno Union Bulwark battleships threatening Republic space lanes. Ironically, it was none other than Captain Jan Dodonna, who would later go on to become a pivotal figure in the Alliance to Restore the Republic, that led that fleet to its first smashing successes. The ships went on to serve with distinction. Among other unusual features the ship was capable of atmospheric operations, denying a popular escape tactic among smaller victims of the huge ship.

Victory Republic Base

Well-liked by their crews despite their limited mobility, Clone Wars era Victory-class ships were just as heavily armed and armored as the variants that served decades later. However, exact fittings changed from when the ship flew under Republic colors to under the Imperial flag, with the elder Victory trading in its Offensive Retrofit and Weapons Team upgrade slots for a Defensive Retrofit and Support Team. Even with identical armament, commanders now have two distinct versions of this capable warship, able to fill different roles in their fleet. For all Imperial admirals dreaming of equipping a Victory with Advanced Projectors or Engine Techs, here is your opportunity.

While not as offensively oriented as its younger siblings, Clone Wars vintage Victories are stable workhorses to provide the bulk of fleets well into the future.

Model available from Fantasy Flight Games:

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