7 thoughts on “Venator-class Star Destroyer

    1. The pictured model is not my own (I believe it came from a now-deleted thread on the FFG forums), but I’m pretty certain that is Frosted Ultra Detail. Generally speaking, I don’t recommend White Strong and Flexible as it’s far too rough and porous and much of the detail in Mel’s handiwork is lost. Your mileage may vary, of course, and WSF isn’t too bad at table distance – but it just doesn’t compare to FFG models, whereas FUD prints meet or exceed those standards (as they bloody well should at that price point…).


  1. The ship that’s on the Venator-class star destroyer card is actually a legacy-class star destroyer in imperial version. Look up legacy-class star destroyer and then you should be able to change the picture to a Venator star destroyer like the one in the imperial fleet ships OK (that”s just to give you a heads up.


  2. Also, add a Nebula-class star destroyer (plus cards and firing arc for the nebula-class star destroyer) to the rebel fleet, it’s a star destroyer for the new republic (the rebellion became the new republic in I think a few years after the battle of Endor). I would also really love to see the cards and firing arc for this star destroyer. You should be able to add the star destroyer, the cards and the firing arc to the rebel fleet. I would really like to see what this ship could do, how many shields it has on it, and the firepower dice it has.


  3. Also add the hull to it. If you don”t know what a nebula-class star destroyer is, the look it up on google and wookiepedia. On wookiepedia, the nebula star destroyer will give you some info, but not that many.


  4. Will there possibly be a rebel version? I always liked the idea of Rebels stealing a mothballed ship in the outerrim. Anyways, looks awesome! 😀


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