Venator-class Star Destroyer

Venator Republic CardThe backbone of the GAR battle fleet, Venator-class Star Destroyers pulled double duty throughout the war as heavy line cruisers and starfighter carriers carrying dozens of squadrons into battle. A favorite of Jedi ace pilots, the ship carried almost four hundred starfighters at full capacity while remaining a formidable opponent in ship to ship combat and a powerful addition to Jedi-led battle groups. In its role as a cruiser, the Venator proved itself time and time again throughout the war, easily outfighting smaller CIS warships, particularly once its main battery was brought into play. On top of the heavy armor and armament, Venators even carried advanced engines, allowing the ship to pace most smaller craft, and easily outrun anything its deadly turbolasers could not bring down. 

Venator Republic BaseRetired in bulk after the end of the Clone Wars, its chiefs disadvantages were its poor maneuverability and its inability to be easily modified and upgraded – flaws that were progressively corrected by its successors, the Victory and Imperial-class Star Destroyers.

One of the toughest ships in Armada, a Venator has nine hull points, plus as many shields, two brace tokens and a redirect. This impressive staying power allows the ship to close with her opponents with her relatively weak front battery, one red and two black, before turning to unveil a broadside of four reds and a blue – enough to shred unwary opponents in a handful of salvos. On top of its impressive ship to ship ability, the Venator comes with a squadron value of 5, making it an unmatched
carrier for fighter swarms. Titled starships like Endurance, which effectively adds an evade token, Tranquility, regaining shields as you maneuver, and Triumphant, whose red die can exhaust enemy tokens, can easily become central parts of a GAR attack fleet. Victory over the Confederacy is all but inevitable.
Venator Title - Endurance Venator Title - Tranquility Venator Title - Triumphant

Model available from Mel Miniatures:

Republic Venator

10 thoughts on “Venator-class Star Destroyer

    1. Hi Chris,

      Originally this card was made for the old, unmodified Venators still serving in the Imperial Navy. So instead of giving it an Offensive Retrofit slot, I gave it the Expanded Hangars built-in. It also got Enhanced Armaments built-in. When I started making Republic ships for the Clone Wars era, I simply re-themed the graphics of this version which may not have been the best idea. It’s very likely that I will revisit the card, and maybe make it a bit more like the Imperial Refit version. I’m waiting for some playtest feedback before making any changes, though!


      1. Hi Mario, thanks for your Reply! You’re doing an awesome job with this ship designs, love especially how you did the republic starfighters, very true to their movie counterparts! Love the ARC 170s! I can’t wait to see how the CIS Ships will look like, especially the Lucrehulc-Class (The Donuts) 🙂 I hope it will have a really great squadron value, as they have 3000 Vultures on board…Also they Munificent Class would be interesting with their huge front dual turbolaser cannons! Stay true to the movie models, as i said before i love how detailed and accurate you converted the ships to the game! I will for sure by the minis form mel miniatures once the CIS and GAR Ships are finished. Just one last question: Is it possible to put somethinkg like “Final Version” on the ship pages when they are finished? Thank you for the great work and keep it up!! Best Regards Chris


  1. Hi Chris, thanks for your feedback! We’ve started working on the CIS ships, they’re quite a challenge but I think you won’t be disappointed 🙂

    When a full Clone Wars set (GAR & CIS) is ready and tested, I plan to release it as a PDF and/or a printable deck on PrinterStudio / MakePlayingCards / Artscow. Those will be the “final” versions. Other than that, anything that’s posted here is experimental and I’m always willing to go back and adjust it if playtesting reveals any issues. It shouldn’t happen too often, I hope, but unfortunately I don’t have the resources to extensively playtest everything (there are over 50 ship cards already, not counting squadrons or unique titles!) as extensively as FFG does before posting it. And despite their massive resources and snail-slow release rate, they still make mistakes every once in a while 😉


  2. How do I acquire these cards because I’m building a republic fleet to battle against my friends empire and I need at least 2 of these in my fleet.


  3. Is there a way I can download a file for these and print off myself because it’s been quite a while and I’m still in need of cards.


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