Pelta-class Frigate

Pelta Frigate CardPelta Frigate Command CardThe Pelta-class frigate was a modular, multi-mission ship used by the Republic Navy and its successor the Imperial Navy through the Clone Wars and after the rise of the Empire. Developed for non-combat roles, the ship did not carry much armament, but was regularly used as a cargo hauler and medical transport, often in conjunction with the better-known MedStar frigates. The modularity of these warships led to the desirable side effect of significant durability, increasing their ability to handle unexpected CIS attacks.
Pelta Frigate Base Pelta Command Base
Your Pelta-class frigate will not be well armed, carrying only two dice in its fore and side batteries, and one die aft. Nevertheless, with five hull points, two shields on every front, and four defense tokens (one evade, one redirect and a pair of braces), a Pelta is an exceptionally durable ship for its cost. Careful use of upgrades and titles can make these relatively inexpensive frigates quite worth their cost as light carrier units, armed transports -thanks to the Cargo upgrade icon in the Command variant- or support ships. In keeping with this theme, the Sanctuary III title lets your engineering command refresh a nearby ship’s defense token. With speed 3 and fair agility, Peltas can easily find niche roles in fleets of GAR warships.
Pelta Title - Sanctuary III

Models available from Mel Miniatures:

Miniature painted by GilmoreDK:

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