Immobilizer 418-class Cruiser

Interdictor Card
The Immobilizer 418-class cruiser, more commonly known as the Interdictor cruiser or simply Interdictor, was a 600-meter-long cruiser built on the standard Vindicator-class heavy cruiser hull. Equipped with gravity well projectors designed to pull ships from hyperspace and/or prevent them making the jump to lightspeed, the Interdictor became a valuable addition to the Imperial Navy.
Interdictor Base
Being strictly defensive, its armament boasted neither long-range turbolasers nor powerful missile launchers. As a consequence, the Immobilizer rolls only a moderate amount of blue dice from each hull zone. However, two anti-squadron dice provide more than adequate protection against enemy bombers.

The Immobilizer’s true value lies in its gravity well projectors, which are represented by the new Projector upgrade cards and the two unique titles. Each of these provides a distinct strategic ability: The standard G7-x Gravity Well Projectors prevent the use of Evade tokens by any ship (friend or foe) around the ship. The later G8-a variant is able to slow down enemy ships – and, unlike the Tractor Beams upgrade card, it can affect ships of any size class. Black Asp can lock down groups of squadrons that stray too close to asteroids or debris, while Harpax disrupts missile attacks by enemy ships and bombers against her or against nearby friendly ships.

Gravity Well Upgrade - G7-x (b) Gravity Well Upgrade - G8-a (b) Interdictor Title - Black Asp (b) Interdictor Title - Harpax (b)

Model available from Mel Miniatures:

Interdictor Miniatures

The card was published by the French magazine “Ravage” as part of an article on Star Wars Armada. The editors believed it to be a spoiler for an official Wave 2 release.

11 thoughts on “Immobilizer 418-class Cruiser

  1. I love these and have purchased several of the ships.

    However you may want to do a “How to Print” page as the linked larger images, when printed directly, do not come out at the right size. For example the ship card above fills most of an A4 page.


    1. Thanks for the feedback Jeremy! That’s a very good idea, I will add a How To section ASAP. In theory all cards are scaled for automatic printing at 600dpi, so if you print from e.g. Word you should be getting the right size. But I’ll double-check and get back to you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the reply!

        I just printed direct from the browser, so I shall import them into a word processor and see how it goes.


  2. >for starters, this entire site is amazing! saved me the time and effort of designing my own cards/bases for both Mel Miniatures and older Starship Battles ships I have in my ever-growing collection. question, though – do any of you know where one can acquire the actual plastic Armada bases? FFG wont sell them separately.<


    1. Hi Mic, thanks for your comment. The general consensus is that 3D printed bases are still far too expensive, so it makes more sense to just buy additional FFG ships. You can always sell off the unwanted content.


  3. While I love this ship, I feel that it’s points should have been switched with the Vindicator, as the Immobilizer was a more specialized ship, yet I keep ending up running them as a poor mans Vindicator. A points change would help keep this from happening more.

    Anyhow, it still is a great ship card and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!


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