Arquitens-class Light Cruiser

Arquitens Republic Card Arquitens Comm Republic CardConsidered an “Escort-class” ship by the Confederate Navy, the Arquitens-class cruiser was commissioned by the Republic to help fill the gap between heavier ships like the Venator-class cruisers, and light retrofit ships, like Consular-class Charger C70s. Armed with a combination of quad laser batteries, dual turbolaser batteries and missile tubes, the Arquitens packed a formidable punch in a small package.

Arquitens Comm Republic BaseArquitens Republic BaseOften seen in squadrons with other ships, Arquitens, Charger C70s and larger warships alike, the light cruiser saw extensive action, including an attempt led by General Kenobi to capture or kill General Grievous. The Arquitens was so well respected by war’s end that it survived the post-Clone Wars military shuffle and continued to see service under Imperial colors, especially as dedicated command and communications platforms.

Equipped with two evade tokens, five hull points, and respectable broadsides for a small ship, an Arquitens makes an excellent addition to corvette raiding units, or as a fast anti-flanking ship to protect the vulnerable sides of a Star Destroyer. Its main weakness is its prominent and scarcely protected rear hull zone, which presents a tempting target to the few ships or squadrons that can outrun or outmaneuver this nimble cruiser. Should you find yourself fielding Hand of Justice, your Arquitens can concentrate its firepower however is needed, modifying its attack pool to its commander’s whims.

Arquitens Title - Hand of Justice

Model available from Mel Miniatures:

Arquitens Vindicator

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