6 thoughts on “ARC-170 Starfighter

  1. Love how you gave them red dice for their heavy laser cannons. They don’t hit as often as X Wings do, but can cause up to 6 damage when they hit. I playtestet them against a x wing squadron, the cost of 14 points is perfect, as in 90 % of the battles the ARCs won with 1 hull remaining. Counter works great with hull 6. Finally a true version of the ARCs, i always knew they were slighty more powerful than X Wings, but not as agile, thus having heavy. Although i could see them being able to intercept enemy fighters.


  2. Thanks Chris – happy you like it! At the moment we’re testing these against a new Vulture Droid card, which seems a little overpowered/undercosted. As soon as I’m comfortable with the balance I’ll upload it to the Separatist Fleet, along with a bunch of new Clone Wars officers and commanders. Stay tuned! 🙂


  3. Not to awaken an old thread but… Any idea when you might have the next CW era update? Really looking forward to Vultures and some of the other “holes”! Already have fleets painted up!


  4. Don’t suppose there was ever a squadron dial made for this? Because I really want to run some old ARC-170’s with my Imp fleet as they are hands down my favourite star fighter.


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