Acclamator-class Assault Ship

Acclamator I Card Acclamator II CardThe Acclamator-class Assault Ship formed the backbone of the Grand Army of the Republic, shuttling clone legions from battle to battle. The first GAR warship to appear in the Clone Wars, the Acclamator became synonymous with the Galactic Senate’s war effort. This prime symbol of Republic might was also a powerful warship, earning the respect of admirals on both sides of the war.

Acclamator I Medium Base Acclamator II Medium Base

A dagger profile allowed a concentration of firepower -a combination of deadly turbolaser batteries and concussion missile tubes-, a design used in many later iterations of Imperial warship. Thick armor and redundant systems made the ship a durable opponent, vexing its enemies. As part of a larger Republic fleet, the Acclamator quickly made itself indispensable to Republic commanders across the galaxy.

Armed with a formidable number of red and black dice forward and a total of eight shields and seven hull points, Acclamator-class assault ships are cost-effective additions to Imperial squadrons emphasizing forward firepower. The earlier model boasts somewhat more aggressive features, adapted for a direct frontal assault, whereas the Acclamator II trades in raw stopping power in for added range and survivability. The title upgrades follow a similar pattern: with Aken, a commander finds himself with the ability to swing his ship into an optimal position before opening fire, while Triumph’s robustness allows it to shrug off a troublesome critical effect at a fraction of the usual cost.
Acclamator Title - Aken Acclamator Title - Triumph

Model available from Mel Miniatures:

10 thoughts on “Acclamator-class Assault Ship

  1. I wonder if you could do the LAAT/i gunship and the HMP Separatist Gunboat? 🙂 Maybe for boarding options? They would also be very efficient Fighters, but would probably have speed 1 or 2 haha


  2. At least the LAAT is foreseen in the (near) future. But it will be closer to a DX-9 or ATR-6 troop transport than to a starfighter. They were primarily ground support craft rather than fighters or bombers.


  3. Hello, quick question: If I were to purchase a model and cards, I would have to purchase a model, a base, a peg, and the cards associated with the model, all of which come individually unless I purchase a set, correct? What about shield dials? Are they included, or do I purchase them from somewhere else, or do I use FFG’s originals, implying that I cannot use FFG ships and these at the same time, as I will have a limited supply of shield dials?
    Thank you for reading (and hopefully responding)


    1. Good morning Arsenios,

      Mel Miniatures only sells the ship model itself; you’ll have to mount it on an official FFG base, peg, etc. Well, I believe Mel also offers 3D-printed bases and pegs, but those are so expensive you’ll probably be better off just buying an FFG ship instead 🙂

      Armada Shipyards only offers cards, base templates, and squadron dials.


      1. Thank you Mario. By the by, the link above for the Venator-class Star Destroyer leads to a page, yet the links on the Imperial and Republic fleet sections lead to a coming soon page. Are they different cards?


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